Waterlogged Samantha


What a delightfully sinful girl Samantha Sin is! Besides all the basics, like great looks and body, Samantha has a zest for life, sex and bondage games. While we only got three scenes, I think they are terrific ones. The way the scenes unfolded, I just couldn’t get myself to cut them short. Samantha was quite worried about the first scene as you’ll see in the preshoot interview. Watch Samantha Get Waterlogged!

A Foxy Predicament


Sexy Serena fox isn’t new to BDSM, but she’s new to Kink.com She took everything right in stride during her first visit to WB. She’s never been zippered, that’s a first. She takes a nice single-tailing in scene two along with a very tight tie. After that there’s a sneak attack with the noose. And don’t miss the tank. We all love the tank. Watch Serena Get Wet!

Bobbi Chained & Dunked


Bobbi is back! Better yet, she has a fear of the tank and being dunked! We will take care of that for her. But first, a little warm-up from the cage phobia with the Houdini tank. You can smell the fear coming off of her. Awesome. Bobbi then gets gagged her with a chain on the chain web. Later she gets pushed to the limits with an extremely tight electrical tape tie in the curved tank. Yum Watch Bobbi Get

Taining Tawnyr

Tawny is the best kind of slave. She loves being tied up, made to struggle and dunked! We give her everything she asks for. Prior to the tank, we tie her up with a little fish-wire before hosing her down. Before that we give her a nice dunking in the fish bowl. Good luck Tawny! Watch Tawny Get Dunked!

2 Soaked Girls For The Price of 1


DragonLilly and Justine Joll are in for at treat today, not do they get to know each other in a special way before even getting tied up, they have a go at each other first. These two hotties are going to be my treat when I tie them together and dunk them while filling their pussies with lots of hot orgasms. Watch Dragonlilly & Justine Fuck Each Other!

Cleaning Her Out


  Sgt.Major takes Amber Rayne to his water dungeon to clean her out and punish her ass.  He starts off by grabbing, fondling, and spanking her ass thoroughly. After her bottom is turned bright red he decides it’s time to flush her out with an enema. Amber’s ass is filled up with water until she is no longer able to hold it in!

Putting Out Jada Fire


Jada Fire is a busty ebony babe with a thing for kinky torment. She is locked up in a dungeon and subjected to various types of water punishments. She is bound on all fours while her pussy is fucked by an orgasmic fucking machine. The machine pounds her while making her soaking wet, spraying water all over her beautiful body. After her fucking machine session she is taken to the human tank to cool off, being dropped in while hogtied

Water Bondage for Mz Berlin


The tough and willing, Mz Berlin, joins water bondage to be soaked and tormented. She is bound to the metal chain Spider Web where is hosed down and soaked to the bone. While trapped in the web she is spun around, making sure that every inch of her body receives a hose down. Come to the Water Bondage Dungeon!      

Naturally Submissive


Julie Night is a naturally submissive beauty who knows how to perform sexually. She takes a rubber cock at each end while she is hosed down all over, getting soaked to the bone. After her sexy soaking session, she is taken to the tank to be helplessly dunked. She is tickled underwater, making her wriggle and scream bubbles. Water Bondage and Babes

Getting Wet with Keeani Lei


  Keeani Lei is a sexy surfer babe with an amazing body. Keeani is hosed down and completely soaked while given unbearable orgasms with an intense vibrator. She is then snagged in a fishing net which gets dunked repeatedly into a giant, human sized tank. There is no limit to what this girl will do.   See Keeani in Action!

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